Surviving The Coronavirus Pandemic

So, things are getting a little intense.  We are in the midst of a world wide Pandemic.  The Governments are taking measures never before seen.   Watching the news brings new developments every day, sometimes every hour, and it can increase feelings of anxiety for even the most stalwart among us.  My advise?  Stay informed but don’t be obsessive.  Don’t spend too much time watching the news - it will make you crazy.  With social media you will hear about anything you need to know.  

Why not use this time to do all of the things you haven’t been able to get around to doing?  

Give the house a good cleaning; 

Sit down at the dinner table with your family (or those you are self quarantining with) put down the phones - turn off the TV and really talk and listen to each other; 

Play some board games with the kids; 

Bake some cookies; 

Play with all of those art supplies you have stashed; 

Plan a garden; 

Check in with your senior family members - when was the last time you called your parents or grandparents?  

If, like me, you are a photographer, I am sure your list would also include: 

Cleaning up all those images on your hard drive; 

Prepping images for future exhibits (after all we won’t be quarantined forever); 

Update your website; and in my case; 

Create some new work.  

I currently have images hanging in three different exhibits.  Exhibits no one will likely get to see due to the coronavirus quarantining and business closures.  So, I decided I will post them on facebook.  At least one of the venues will be holding an online exhibit. The other two can be viewed on the NJ Photography Forum website.   And, I will post that information as well on my facebook page.  It is just another way to use social media to get your work out there.

We all have those nagging to do lists that we never seem to have the time to get to, well, now is the time.  Use your time creatively and productively and you will find that you aren’t as anxious about what is happening out in the world.  It is going to happen whether we worry about it or not.  I mean, do your part, stay home, wash your hands, etc. but try to also look on the bright side and write a list of what you are grateful for, we can change our circumstances when we change the way we look at them.  

Yes, this is certainly a challenging time - but we are resilient.  Be positive, Be kind, Be happy, Be aware, Stay well and remember - this too shall pass.

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